Service Requirements

Installation Requirements

  • Power—120v AC Outlet
  • Antenna mounting location
  • Near-Line-of-Sight to one of our access stations (site survey required prior to service commitment)

Radio signals for wireless service are intended primarily for relatively short-range communications. These signals are blocked by hills, large buildings, and heavy forests. This generally means that wireless signals will have a range from one to ten miles with an outside antenna. If you’re at an elevated location, you may be able to receive the CvWireless signal from greater distances. Our antenna technology will allow connections as much as 10 to 20 miles away from our access stations. Registered individuals will be contacted when a service determination can be made at their location.CvWireless is continually striving to expand our access locations.

Computer Requirements

Ethernet interface 10/100 Mbps
Broadband router
10/100 Mbps
Operating System Windows 98 SE, ME, or 2000;
Windows XP or newer recommendedLinux
UnixMac OS 9, OS X;
Mac OS X 4 (Tiger) or newer recommended