Early History

The founder moved to the area over 12 years ago. As a health care information consultant, Beth needed internet access to support her current customers.  In her location, there amounted to dialup.  Satellite was tried, but the long latency involved with sending data five miles up and then five miles down just didn’t work very well.  During idol conversation with a friend who owned a pager service, the subject of internet access came up.  This gentleman lived in Addison, Vermont and he boasted about the internet access that he had.  Beth thought, if a place like Addison Vermont could have high speed access, Essex NY could as well.

The idea is to find a place where you could find good internet access and through line of sight use microwave technology to bring the service from a place where it was accessible to a place where it wasn’t.  Back in the days, the technology to make this happen was pricey. A pair of microwave radios cost five thousand dollars.

Years have gone by and technology has changed. During the writing of a Dirty Life, Kristin Kimball needed to access the internet.  She spent many long days working at the Fire Deparment where internet was accessible. Mark and Kristin were Beth’s first customers and from there CvWireless was born.

CvWireless provides high speed internet service to many people in the Essex/Willsboro/Whallonburg/Reber area who would otherwise be stuck with dial up or satellite service.  CvWireless provides service without the download caps that satellite is famous for.