Basic Wireless


Perfect for sending and receiving email, and some light web surfing.

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Our Intermediate plan lets you surf the web with 3MB download / 1MB upload.

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Surf to your heart's content! Stream videos and music, upload photos, and more.

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Business Plans

$100 - $270/month

Everything you need to get your business online — dedicated or shared.

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Cv-Wireless uses the most advanced high-speed wireless network to deliver a suite of communications services that enhance the lives of our subscribers. We use an existing structure on a high vantage point — such as a communications tower — to colocate our equipment and transmit our high-speed signal to a smart proprietary radio that’s professionally affixed to the recipient’s home or office. This is called a point-to-multipoint system. To extend service to more difficult to reach locations, we can “bounce” the Cv-Wireless high-speed signal using repeaters, which do not impact the speed of our signal. All in all, Cv-Wireless is a great choice for residential and commercial internet customers alike. Call today to see how we can benefit you!

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