How Wireless Works

Our land-based, fixed-wireless broadband system works much like its wired counterpart, only the data transmission occurs over the airwaves using low-power, license-exempt and “licensed-light” radio spectrum. Signals come into the Cloud Alliance network operations center via ultra-high-speed, glass fiber-optic cables. We then broadcast and receive signals through a series of repeating stations placed throughout the region.

This type of network does not require the use of huge towers, hundreds of feet high. These stations (with antennas typically mounted on a utility pole, barn, silo, or smaller tower) pass the signal to other stations or broadcast directly to subscribers in the coverage area. As a subscriber, you receive the signal with a small radio/antenna unit, which is mounted on or near your home or business. The signal is passed from there to a single computer or to a router to serve multiple computers. You can then access the Internet at downpour speeds!