Plans and Pricing

CvWireless Basic

Just want to send and receive email.  Surfing is limited.  Uploading photos and other items will be very slow.1 megabyte download and  750 kilobyte upload  1M/.75M $39/month

CvWireless Intermediate

Want to be able to surf a bit more, but no video streaming
3 megabyte download and 1 megabyte upload.  3M/1M

CvWireless Ultimate

Surf to your heart’s content; enjoy video streaming, upload your photos and more.  Usage beyond 50G/mo is subject to review.  Live gaming is not compatible with the service at this time.
up to 25  megabyte download and 3 megabyte upload. 25M/3M

CvWireless Season

Only here during the summer season?  We’re now offering seasonal pricing.  Your internet will be the same as the ultimate package, only it will be on for 6 months.  The cost is $600 for the season.

You can switch plans once for the calendar year.

Business Plan

Basic – 25M/3M shared $100
Dedicated 10M/10M $265